Memphis Research Consortium

Intangible Return on Investment

Research shows that academic research plays a very significant role in the development of new commercial technologies.

  • Innovations that flow from university research are at the root of countless companies.
  • An analysis of the top 100 “most technologically significant new products” listed in R&D magazine shows universities contribute over 70 percent of the top 100 innovations.
  • Memphis research has had two R&D 100 awards in recent years.
  • Startups spun out of academia have a greater success rate than others.

Memphis research trains the next generation of scientists, engineers, doctors, health professionals, teachers, and entrepreneurs.

  • Research education is central to innovation and technology entrepreneurship.
  • Stronger research means a stronger knowledge workforce.

Memphis research universities promote STEM workforce development through:

  • Basic classroom education leading to STEM degrees
  • Clubs and interests groups
  • Retention and graduation assurance programs
  • Mentorship of students—both those who struggle and those who excel
  • Student and graduate assistantships, intensives, and internships
  • Job placement

Memphis research drives discovery of new medical devices and therapies.

  • Building on accomplishments in childhood cancer and infectious diseases, Memphis is developing initiatives to reduce the burden of pediatric obesity and diabetes.
  • The implementation of research innovations and discoveries into the clinical practice of healthcare will reduce the burden of chronic disease and have dramatic impacts on the quality of healthcare available to Tennesseans.