Memphis Research Consortium


A program of strategic recruitment, workforce development, and entrepreneurship at the The University of Memphis and the The University of Tennessee Health Science Center will take Memphis science to the next level—for the advancement of science, the prestige of the State of Tennessee, and economic development deriving from discovery and innovation. These recruitments will leverage the strengths of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the medical device industry.
By focusing on high-quality science in emerging fields, Memphis research will surpass $1 billion in research expenditures by 2020.


The Memphis Research Consortium promotes breakthrough policies for inter-institutional collaboration with the goal of growing Memphis research by at least 30 percent by 2020, surpassing $1 billion in expenditures. Since MRC’s initial funding in 2011, Memphis is making significant strides in its transformation into a world-class life science hub. As the spectrum of scientific discovery opens pathways for new knowledge, Memphis is attracting the talent and acumen to unlock the doors of fresh frontiers in diverse arenas of science and exploration. MRC members are building tomorrow’s science in Memphis by:

  • Expanding computational models and bioinformatics for solving complex life science problems
  • Utilizing vast quantities of genetic information, which are the new laboratories of science
  • Integrating genomics and population health science to open new pathways for improving health
  • Providing comprehensive study of the determinants of health and disease
  • Developing regenerative medicine approaches to musculoskeletal challenges
  • Solving musculoskeletal challenges with regeneration and repair rather than replacement